Some highlights of VOSviewer are summarized below.


  • Web of Science, Scopus, Dimensions, and Crossref. Co-authorship networks, citation-based networks, and co-occurrence networks can be created directly based on Web of Science and Scopus data. Co-authorship networks and citation-based networks can also be created based on Dimensions and Crossref data.
  • PubMed and RIS. Co-authorship networks and co-occurrence networks can be created based on PubMed data and RIS files.
  • Pajek and GML. Networks can be imported from and exported to Pajek network files and GML files.

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  • Zooming and scrolling. Visualizations of bibliometric networks can be explored in full detail using zoom and scroll functionality similar to for instance Google Maps. A smart labeling algorithm prevents labels from overlapping each other.
  • Density and overlay visualizations. Density visualizations provide a quick overview of the main areas in a bibliometric network. Overlay visualizations can for instance be used to show developments over time.
  • Screenshots. Screenshots of bibliometric network visualizations can be created at a high resolution and can be saved in many popular graphical file formats, both bitmap and vector formats.


  • Advanced layout and clustering techniques. State-of-the-art techniques for network layout and network clustering are provided. Layout and clustering results can be fine-tuned using various parameters.
  • Natural language processing techniques. Natural language processing techniques are available for creating term co-occurrence networks based on English-language textual data. Relevant and non-relevant terms can be distinguished algorithmically.
  • Creating bibliometric networks. A number of advanced features are available for creating bibliometric networks (e.g., co-authorship, bibliographic coupling, and co-citation networks). For instance, the influence of publications with many authors, many citations, or many references can be reduced using a fractional counting approach. Data cleaning can be performed using thesaurus files.
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