Journal application domain map

The map displayed below shows the distribution of journal application domain (JAD) categories across all fields of science worldwide. The map shows the relational network of 5000 major scientific journals indexed in Web of Science. Inter-journal distances are calculated according to their co-citation similarities. The JAD-dependent color coding of each journal is as follows:

  • Academic (A): grey
  • Industrial relevant (I): light blue
  • Industry practice (I+): dark blue
  • Clinical relevant (C): light red
  • Clinical practice (C+): red
  • Industry-clinical relevant (I-C): pink

World science, as labeled by JAD categories, clearly shows a divide between clinical relevance to the right (within medical and life sciences) and industrial relevance to the left (natural sciences and engineering sciences). The interface between both application domains, industrial-clinical relevance (biopharmaceutical relevant fields), is also found at the right hand side of the map, where it is closely tied into the medical and life sciences. Click here to access the interactive map and to check the clinical and industrial relevance scores (i.e., % general hospital addresses and % corporate addresses) of individual journals.

More information can be found in the following publication:

  • Tijssen, R.J.W. (2010). Discarding the 'basic science/applied science' dichotomy: A knowledge utilization triangle classification system of research journals. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 61(9), 1842-1852. (paper, preprint)

Journal application domain map
Journal application domain map

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